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Catch this wave of life right now. 

Do not let it pass you by. 

Live, laugh and love; one day at a time. 


"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself."


Evolet, meaning "the promise of life" is associated with the Crown chakra. The Crown chakra symbolizes knowledge, consciousness, fulfillment, and spirituality. 


This is Evolet.


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  • This is a single strand. It is one size.

    Caring for your waist beads: Once you tie on your strand, you and your strand become one. You can bathe, sleep, workout and everything else in your waist beads.

    If this is your first time wearing waist beads, tie around the upper waist area until you get used to the feeling of wearing your first strand. Be mindful when going to the restroom, not to snatch the beads, as this may result in breaking your waist beads.

    Be sure to book your tying session along with your waist beads purchase if you're local!

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