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Throughout life, we juggle multiple relationships, often with family, friends, co-workers, and romantic partners. One relationship we may neglect, however, is the one with ourselves. 

Everyone should have an appreciation of one’s worth or virtue. That includes accepting yourself as you are, prioritizing your needs, setting healthy boundaries, and forgiving yourself when needed. Treating yourself with kindness and respect means taking time to take care of your overall well-being.

Start doing things for you!


SKU: 0150
  • This is a single strand. It is one size.

    Caring for your waist beads: Once you tie on your strand, you and your strand become one. You can bathe, sleep, workout and everything else in your waist beads.

    If this is your first time wearing waist beads, tie around the upper waist area until you get used to the feeling of wearing your first strand. Be mindful when going to the restroom, not to snatch the beads, as this may result in breaking your waist beads.

    Be sure to book your tying session along with your waist beads purchase if you're local!

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